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Leipyöli Farm

The Leipyöli farm by the Kiskonjoki river in Perniö, in south-western Finland, is a historical residence of a king’s bailiff with strong, centuries old traditions. The farm lays on a sunny southern hillside in a peaceful and beautiful country setting. The estate has a very interesting history due to it´s ownersips. The owners have been among the prominent persons both in the secular as well as in the ecclesiastic societies. Today, 500 years later, Leipyöli is a farm tourism-, forestry and farming estate. The river Kiskonjoki, only 200 metres away, has a connection to the sea. Finnish domestic animals can be seen on the farm.

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Leipyöli Farmholidays, Leila and Teuvo Räsänen, Leipyölintie 218, FIN-25500 PERNIÖ
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